Friday, December 7, 2012

True Love....Forever!!

Love through the years......

I had to write on this topic today because I saw the most touching moment, and it just made me stop to think.
About Love, marriage and togetherness.

I am at home in my kitchen doing dishes, looking out my window I see the most touching scene.
Down the block (yes I can see that far) I see an older couple come out their front door, coats and gloves on, ( it is WI ) and I'm thinking they are going into their car or maybe a walk.
They walk hand in hand down to the mailbox, check the mail, walk hand in hand back to the front door......and in they go.
Awe, it was so very touching to me, to put on coats, shoes, gloves to go to the mailbox as a couple.
It makes me is the little things that matter most. I have been married 26 years, and I still feel it is so fresh and new.
I love being in love, I want to grow old together with my honey, I want to be like the couple I saw today.
When we first got married, so young ( 21 ) being married for 26 years would have seemed amazing, now I see it as a wonderful life.
We have 3 beautiful boys, we enjoy being together, we always say I love you when saying goodbye, we miss each other very much when apart.
We are a team, we won't give up, if its broke we fix it.....which also applies to marriage.
I want us to be great role models for our children, marry when they are truly in love, a woman they cannot live without.
Love makes the world so much better, worth living, you can get through anything together. It takes a lot of understanding, patience, giving, and I'm sorry's.....but it is so worth it.
I hope you don't find this too sappy, it is the holiday season and it always makes me feel so Blessed. Being in this kind of love makes me feel like I have it all, and I think I do.
I want to grow old together, I want to hold hands when we check the mail, I want God to grant us many years to be together.
Always kiss goodnight, and say I love you!!


  1. hubby and I have only been married for 7 years, but together for 15...I hope we grow into that old couple! how sweet! I love that my husband is my very best friend. I wish that for everyone.