Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fast food eaters and my Big mouth

Some people don't want to hear it!
Yes!! People still eat Fast food, and not only do they eat it....they Love it. Its not my duty to inform everyone on the lack of nutrition and ( meat ) in the food, but for some godforsaken reason I have taken it upon myself to educate anyone who I talk to about it.
Today was my husbands 25th Anniversary at his office, the staff had a luncheon for him, and the conversation got to be talking about food, eating Twinkies(may they RIP ) Little Debbie's and......Fast food. As I start in with my 2 cents, I feel my husbands eyes on me ( because he knows I am a lunatic ) everyone seems shocked to think they are not eating 100 % real food, Really!!
There are still people (adults) that think having these burgers is like having one made at home.
And they are still buying their children the Happy meals, are we just trying not to listen to all the information we now have on these restaurants.
We are a nation growing by the minute, and I don't mean population, obesity is an epidemic here and it is a disease we can handle with a little knowledge, self control and healthy lifestyle.
My page and Blog are geared towards health/fitness, it is something I am very passionate about. I know for a fact it is something people don't want to hear because when I had ( just )my personal F.B page and wrote about health, exercise and nutrition I lost friends. Now having a fitness page, it is wonderful to know my followers are with me because of that.
But not the public, I believe I need to learn to know my place. I don't want to offend others, but I truly feel I am helping.
I want us all to have a healthier life, raise healthy happy children, have the energy we need to play and have fun with the family.
And number 1....ward off disease not feed it.
I will try to get better, maybe it will be my New years resolution.
To educate those about nutrition only if asked.

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