Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fitting In Fitness

We are so busy this time of year, with the holidays coming along comes craziness!!
Fitting in fitness can at times seem unimportant, when this is actually the most important time to stay on track.
I am having a hard time keeping my everyday exercise routine going, so much that I am doing during the day, that when the end of the day comes along the last thing I want to do is hit the gym.
I know it is needed, to stay relaxed, feel better, have more energy, and if out frustration.

So my tips for keeping the fitness routine on track is.
1/  Schedule it into your day, mornings are best.
2/  Keep a journal, write it down
3/  Find a workout buddy, you are more apt to stick with it if you have someone depending on you to show up.

With all the calories that will be tempting us, we need to try to keep burning calories.
Are you making sure your day includes a workout??

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