Sunday, December 30, 2012

"2012" Coming to an end!!

Soon "2013 will be knocking on the door.

How do I feel about leaving "2012 behind??
I've had some goods, and some not so goods.

I will start with the positive, my husband and I had a wonderful trip in Costa Rica in March.
I am for sure going there again!!

After coming home to unpack, we repacked and took the family to San Francisco for a 5 day trip. Sight seeing, eating shopping, running on the wharf.
And of course we can't forget those insanely steep hills, great workout by the way.
Also good was al the Cross Country meets, tennis meets, and track meets, watching the boys.

The not so good and I will not miss you 2012 are, my oldest son with Type 1 Diabetes was admitted to the emergency room twice.
The second time we almost lost him, he had bleeding on the brain and his body went through Ketoacidosis,
I pray we go through this next year without any serious hospital stays.
On a lighter not good note, I only participated in 2 races.
1 5k here in town, and a 10k for the Women's Rock in the twin cities
This next year I vow to improve upon my running, get more weekly miles in.
Register and run more races, just to make me stay in shape and focused.
I also want to incorporate more organic food into my diet, I do pretty good now, but there's always room to improve.
This is also the year I ant to learn how to downhill ski, for some reason I have a hard time with it. And darn it anyway, I am going to get it.
I will have my First College graduate this Spring, I will be in Chicago ( Jan. ) for my 1st time, Arizona for golf in March, and I'm sure many more good things to come.

I wish you all a very Blessed "2013"

What is it you want to improve upon in the New year??

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  1. I went to Costa Rica in June for a week and had the best time!!