Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Larabar Review

My go to energy snack, the Larabar.

The Larabar is known to be a natural, whole food bar.
Their are 19 flavors which are made with whole, unprocessed foods
that retain all natural nutrients.
The Larabar has 3-6 grams of protein and 24-28 grams of carbs.
The larabar will keep you full longer, with the fiber content will help keep you full longer.
The energy bars are around 210 calories each and are non GMO.
I love these bars and all there different flavors, Larabar was nice enough to send me a box to try and review, and it is a energy bar I was already addicted to. My favorite being the cashew bar which is missing from the photo...because I already ate it. :)

Ingredients of the Larabar : Made with raw whole foods - Gluten free, dairy free and soy free. They are also Vegan and Kosher.
No added sugar or preservatives.

I love these energy bars and wanted to share this information with you, and suggest you give them a try also.

Let me know, are you gong to try them?
Or are you already in love with them as I am.

A week without working out.

One whole week without the gym!

This was not thee most important thing on my mind, (working out) since my mother was in the hospital due to a heart attack, but it sure made me feel blah.

You don't know how important exercise is to you till you stop doing it, I was always tired, didn't sleep well or eat well.
Knowing I had to get back on track I did what I could with what little time I had.
Taking the stairs at the hospital, push ups, and sit ups when I awake in the morning, and a quick walk of the dog at night.
I also noticed my eating changed, I didn't pay attention to my water intake and it just made me feel uggh.

Of course I did not mean to lose a week, it went so fast, lots of family members staying at my house, and everyone together visiting my mother made me put my workouts as a last priority.
If I would have kept up my exercise I would have had much more energy, had a better mood and slept much better.
I got back at it yesterday, back to healthy eating, running, strength training, and I make sure I don't feel guilty taking the time for me.

Back on track, and not look looking back.
Today is a new day, to rebuild my muscle, get those miles ran, and fuel my body with wholesome foods.

Do you let yourself go when times get tough?
Let me know how you handle situations that put a little bump in your life.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise Delivered Monthly.

Here is your first step to a healthier, more energetic you.

You will get new snacks delivered to your door monthly, with no commitment and 110% guarantee.

I have received my first monthly box from healthy surprise, full of healthy, organic, good for me snacks. And its very important to me, to know what the ingredients are in my food.
I look for healthy snacks at all stores, and you know how expensive they can be, usually between $2 - $5 each. Now I just open my box and whatever I choose is going to be good for me.
Each box is filled with an assortment of snacks, including bars, fruits, nuts, seeds, kale chips, raw chocolate, and many others.
Each month you will receive a different snack box from their snack partners.

If you are like me and want to feel great, and have more energy, start here.
They will automatically ship monthly to you, you will choose from 3 different size boxes, at 3 different prices.

Are healthy snacks important to you, check back and let me know how you like Healthy Surprise.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

P.V. Body review

P.V. Body Review

Last month I was asked to review the products of P.V. Body.
I checked out their website to see what they had to offer, and they have the best and cutest designer clothes.

I started out by filling out a questionnaire about my size, what colors I like to wear, and what my workouts are.
 Soon after that my package arrived in a pretty pink envelope, I was excited to see an outfit that was definitely my style.
 I received a pair of slim black long leggings made by Performance Sportswear, which fit me perfectly. And a long sleeved top  made by Colosseum,with thumb holes, which also fit just fine.
 Here I am doing my best to model, I am not a model nor do I pretend to be so bare with me.
 The leggings do look a bit shiny do to my overhead lighting, and I am trying my best to do a Yoga pose.
Yes, here I am showing you the complete outfit and it is so comfy I could live in it.

When you sign up you will receive 2 pieces, picked specifically for you once a month. And the great thing is....you can cancel at anytime. The 2 pieces you receive can range from $100 to 140.00,
but you only pay $49.95, even less when you add in my 20% discount.
I cannot wait for my next months box, I am a happy customer.

So weather you are a runner, jogger, Yogi or gym junkie, you will love these products.
I would definitely recommend getting a subscription, I will be keeping mine.

You are just a click away from a pretty pink package arriving in your mailbox, how exciting it is to find Designer workout clothes at discount prices.

I would love to hear what you think about the product, or if you already are a member let me know what you think.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Has the Flu epidemic got you worried??

Are you worried about catching the flu, or do already have it.

I am one of many who opt out of the flu vaccine, seeing how 2/3' S of those that got the shot also have the flu I am not so inclined to be running into my clinic for a shot.

I would like to share with you special precautions I take, and my family to avoid the illness.

1/ Wash, Wash, Wash, your hands!!

2/ Eat plenty of fruit and veggies, especially berries, add ginger to your foods(smoothie, juices, cooking, etc.)

3/ Exercise, make sure to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

4/ Vitamin D, most of us..... especially in the Midwest are not getting enough sunshine so we lack in Vitamin D this time of year.
 Add the vitamin to your daily routine.

And if you do have the flu, make sure to stay home to recover and not spread to others.
Do you take extra precautions, anything you would like to share?

p.s.  My Mother and I add Elderberry to our diets this time of year, juice, extract, jams and syrup.

Wishing you a healthy flu season. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Time for a great giveaway~~

I have a box of delicious Larabars to giveaway to one lucky winner.
The winner of this prize will win a box of 16 full sized Larabars in an assortment of flavors, unless you prefer one type of bar, there for you can let me know and we can change the order.

To enter to win all you need to do is,

1: Like @highheelandpinkshoelaces on Facebook
2: Share giveaway on Facebook
3: Share giveaway on twitter
3: Leave a comment on my blog telling what motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle.

High Heels and Pink Shoelaces: EVERLAST Product Review

High Heels and Pink Shoelaces: EVERLAST Product Review: Review time for another favorite company/product of mine. You all know I like to box / shadow box.     To do this I need gear to ...

EVERLAST Product Review

Review time for another favorite company/product of mine.

You all know I like to box / shadow box.

To do this I need gear to keep my hands protected, and not only does this brand make thee best product for that, but also pretty in pink for women who want to be tough as men and look cute while doing it.
Look at the padding on these, when I punch that bag its not my hands taking a beating, and don't you just love the color!!

I also take kick boxing at the gym, check out these awesome kickboxing gloves. Nicely padded in the right spots and very comfortable, love them!
And don't forget to wrap, we may be tough but I like to keep my knuckles nice and soft. With all this to protect I have nothing to worry about.

Long hair like me, they got you covered there too.
EVERLAST also has apparel and many other gym needs.
I recommend getting your gear from Everlast, its what you will find in my gym.
I aslo want to include a little history on the company, an amazing story.
Tell me if you are interested or do take part in boxing or kickboxing, its a great stress releaser and talk about a terrific workout.


  • At age 17, in 1910 Jacob Golomb decided to fix the problem of disintegrating swimsuits by producing his own. His version lasted longer, and he called it "Everlast." He then opened up a retail store to sell sports equipment.
    In 1916, boxer Jack Dempsey came to Everlast for help. He needed headgear that would last and wore Everlast gloves to win the 1919 world heavyweight championship.


  • The Everlast name was now synonymous with boxing and the store became known as Boxing Headquarters.
    Golomb designed new boxing shorts with an elastic waistband, and continued to expand and improve his boxing line. Championship fighters wore the Everlast brand, tagged "The Choice of Champions." Preferring small stores and personal service, the company continued unchecked for the next three decades

Read more: 



Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you eat Organic??

Eating Organic~~~

Do you eat Organic, there is so much controversy today on weather it is better to eat organic or not. I don't think we get enough information that we (the consumer ) truly need to eat healthy.
I myself buy organic whenever possible, of course their are a few things that I can't get or find.
After researching how our food is made today, compared to years ago I am finding a true link to many diseases/born disabilities.
Number one reason being all the corn that is added to our food, and much of the food you wouldn't even think its in there.
Now we all know by now that most of our corn supply here in the USA is GMO....Genetically Modified Organism.
Which, when fed to rats causes mutations.
This wasn't how our food was made years ago, now it is a filler in a huge percentage of our food supply.
Not only are we seeing a link with the corn/HFCS, but also the food coloring that is added to our food. They find these additions cause hyper activity in our children but still allow the maker to add it, because it makes the food look more appealing.
 So many children today are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asbergers and many more later in life developing Type 1 Diabetes.
And not just Type 1 but we are seeing a huge rise in children with Type 2, the youngest being 7 years old. We need to wake up America, and be our own food advocate.
Read labels, don't eat it if you don't know what's in it, try to avoid High fructose corn syrup.
My family has switched over to grass fed organic meat years ago, not only is it much healthier for you and the animal, but you bypass having all the grain the animal eats passed into you.
Our nation could and would be So much better off if we labeled our foods stating if they are GMO or not, many parts of Europe and the rest of the world will not even take our food for fear of disease it may lead too.
When it comes to your fruit and veggies try to buy local, not only are you supporting your local farmers, but you have a better chance that it isn't treated with chemicals.
You see this is a topic that I am passionate about, and could go on with facts and info forever. But what I really want to get across is the importance of what you put into your body and what it does.
Another big health tip, take more time to prepare your own food, kick prepackaged foods out of your house and cook up scrumptious healthy meals for your family.
I hope that this  gives you a little insight into our food system.

So tell me....do you eat Organic, after reading this will you be more apt to think about it?  I would love your feedback.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rest and Repair

Have a rest day!!

Why is it so hard to take a break from running, working out, or going to the gym??
I make sure to plan a rest day once a week, I know my body needs it to heel and recover....but still I feel guilty.
I don't even enjoy that free day, well unless I have something fun planned.
We need to understand the importance of taking a day off, its not because were lazy.....far from it.  Its because were addicted.
Our bodies are not machines, we need to give it that one day or two to repair. So lets not be so hard on ourselves, take that day and enjoy.
Yesterday was my free day, so back in the gym today and get in a good run.
I feel wonderful today, and loved my day of rest!!

p.s. Just don't take to many rest days in a row, that could become addicting also.

So tell me, do you rest up a day or 2 out of the week??