Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A week without working out.

One whole week without the gym!

This was not thee most important thing on my mind, (working out) since my mother was in the hospital due to a heart attack, but it sure made me feel blah.

You don't know how important exercise is to you till you stop doing it, I was always tired, didn't sleep well or eat well.
Knowing I had to get back on track I did what I could with what little time I had.
Taking the stairs at the hospital, push ups, and sit ups when I awake in the morning, and a quick walk of the dog at night.
I also noticed my eating changed, I didn't pay attention to my water intake and it just made me feel uggh.

Of course I did not mean to lose a week, it went so fast, lots of family members staying at my house, and everyone together visiting my mother made me put my workouts as a last priority.
If I would have kept up my exercise I would have had much more energy, had a better mood and slept much better.
I got back at it yesterday, back to healthy eating, running, strength training, and I make sure I don't feel guilty taking the time for me.

Back on track, and not look looking back.
Today is a new day, to rebuild my muscle, get those miles ran, and fuel my body with wholesome foods.

Do you let yourself go when times get tough?
Let me know how you handle situations that put a little bump in your life.

Have a wonderful day!

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