Friday, January 4, 2013

Do you eat Organic??

Eating Organic~~~

Do you eat Organic, there is so much controversy today on weather it is better to eat organic or not. I don't think we get enough information that we (the consumer ) truly need to eat healthy.
I myself buy organic whenever possible, of course their are a few things that I can't get or find.
After researching how our food is made today, compared to years ago I am finding a true link to many diseases/born disabilities.
Number one reason being all the corn that is added to our food, and much of the food you wouldn't even think its in there.
Now we all know by now that most of our corn supply here in the USA is GMO....Genetically Modified Organism.
Which, when fed to rats causes mutations.
This wasn't how our food was made years ago, now it is a filler in a huge percentage of our food supply.
Not only are we seeing a link with the corn/HFCS, but also the food coloring that is added to our food. They find these additions cause hyper activity in our children but still allow the maker to add it, because it makes the food look more appealing.
 So many children today are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Asbergers and many more later in life developing Type 1 Diabetes.
And not just Type 1 but we are seeing a huge rise in children with Type 2, the youngest being 7 years old. We need to wake up America, and be our own food advocate.
Read labels, don't eat it if you don't know what's in it, try to avoid High fructose corn syrup.
My family has switched over to grass fed organic meat years ago, not only is it much healthier for you and the animal, but you bypass having all the grain the animal eats passed into you.
Our nation could and would be So much better off if we labeled our foods stating if they are GMO or not, many parts of Europe and the rest of the world will not even take our food for fear of disease it may lead too.
When it comes to your fruit and veggies try to buy local, not only are you supporting your local farmers, but you have a better chance that it isn't treated with chemicals.
You see this is a topic that I am passionate about, and could go on with facts and info forever. But what I really want to get across is the importance of what you put into your body and what it does.
Another big health tip, take more time to prepare your own food, kick prepackaged foods out of your house and cook up scrumptious healthy meals for your family.
I hope that this  gives you a little insight into our food system.

So tell you eat Organic, after reading this will you be more apt to think about it?  I would love your feedback.

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