Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EVERLAST Product Review

Review time for another favorite company/product of mine.

You all know I like to box / shadow box.

To do this I need gear to keep my hands protected, and not only does this brand make thee best product for that, but also pretty in pink for women who want to be tough as men and look cute while doing it.
Look at the padding on these, when I punch that bag its not my hands taking a beating, and don't you just love the color!!

I also take kick boxing at the gym, check out these awesome kickboxing gloves. Nicely padded in the right spots and very comfortable, love them!
And don't forget to wrap, we may be tough but I like to keep my knuckles nice and soft. With all this to protect I have nothing to worry about.

Long hair like me, they got you covered there too.
EVERLAST also has apparel and many other gym needs.
I recommend getting your gear from Everlast, its what you will find in my gym.
I aslo want to include a little history on the company, an amazing story.
Tell me if you are interested or do take part in boxing or kickboxing, its a great stress releaser and talk about a terrific workout.


  • At age 17, in 1910 Jacob Golomb decided to fix the problem of disintegrating swimsuits by producing his own. His version lasted longer, and he called it "Everlast." He then opened up a retail store to sell sports equipment.
    In 1916, boxer Jack Dempsey came to Everlast for help. He needed headgear that would last and wore Everlast gloves to win the 1919 world heavyweight championship.


  • The Everlast name was now synonymous with boxing and the store became known as Boxing Headquarters.
    Golomb designed new boxing shorts with an elastic waistband, and continued to expand and improve his boxing line. Championship fighters wore the Everlast brand, tagged "The Choice of Champions." Preferring small stores and personal service, the company continued unchecked for the next three decades

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