Monday, August 31, 2015

Running Ragnar

Running Ragnar.

If you do not know what Ragnar is, it is a 200 plus mile relay race run between 6 or 12 of your friends piled into 2 vans and run relay style day and night.
Each runner runs 3 legs, ranging anywhere from 3 to 9 miles and varying in difficulty. 
This year I turned "50" and I wanted to do something exciting.
Knowing I am not yet ready for a marathon (yet) I choose something a bit different yet very challenging.

I decided to run this race as soon as I heard from a group of women that ran it, they talked about how hard, how hot, and how much fun it was.
I trained with my team running hills, trails, and in the heat. 
I wanted to be as ready as I could be, and I knew this course was full of hills.
Now it was time to pack:
There were a few women on the team that have ran this before and helped me put in what to pack, running 3 legs meant 3 running outfits. They are packed into individual bags so you can make a quick change and be ready for the next run. And have a bag to put your first sweaty running outfit in.
Also 2 pairs of shoes, sleeping gear because you are going to be sleeping on the ground at either a campground, school, or a park. So I recommend a sleeping pad to put under your sleeping bag. Also make sure to bring your own food, what works for you on a run. This is not the time to change things up, stay with what works.
I can not eat much when I run ( my stomach is easily upset) so my food was, grapes, bananas, cucumbers, and Cliff bars.
And make sure to pack sunscreen, extra socks ( compression) shower pill, hat, head lamp, rear light,
and reflector vest. 

Ragnar Great River here we come!
My team and I ran the Ragnar Great River, starting in Winona MN and finishing in Mpls, MN

I ran leg 2, which was titled Very hard, Hard, and Moderate.
And I was so happy I trained on hills prior to this, because those hills were not easy.

This is me heading out on my first leg, as you see I do look excited....I did not know what I was in for. 

Sleeping on the ground at a middle school, wasn't the Hilton but wow....were we tired. We got here around 3:00 a.m

This run was so beautiful, at times it took your mind off running.
The Midwest is gorgeous, at times running through Wisc. back into Minn. 

At times your running on a trail, through a park, through farmland, and at times right down the freeway.

Here we are waiting on vans 2 runner to hand off to our 1st night runner, running in the night took some time to get used to. I do recommend training in the dark at home. ( no street lights)
Checking off each leg was the highlight at the end of each run.

I do recommend this to anyone looking for a new challenge, its not easy, you really don't sleep, but you become better connected with your friends, you have this new experience to share, and it is a whole lot of fun!!
 Our Moms On The Run Coaches volunteering at Ragnar.

Nap time, or I should say rest time as no one was able to sleep.

Cheering on our the runners, not just our own.
Everyone deserved to hear the cowbells.

Slapping on the bracelet took some talent, but having it ready before you met your next runner really helps out. 

                                                        Oh' baby it was hot!! 

                       Checking off her 3rd leg, oh' what a feeling.

Had to find shade somewhere.
This is our team, Moms On The Run.
Great group of girls.

We are now Ragnarians!!

There are so many Ragnar relays around the U.S, I don't know which one to do next.

Tell me, have you done Ragnar, does this sound interesting to you?