Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Tips on running up and down hills/

I get a lot of questions on how to take the hills during running, so I did the best thing and I asked my son to help out with this one.
Since he has been a runner from 6th grade through his Sr. year of college, he has a lot more experience with this.

Here is just a bit of what he had to say, but if you have any questions go ahead and ask. Weather it be about hills or just running in general.

I'm not a writer and I don't pretend to be so I'm just going to tell you everything I know about hill running.
This has been one of my favorite things to improve upon over the years so I hope this helps. During races it helps me to pick up the pace a little bit right before an uphill so it doesn't kill my momentum. Also it helps to take short steps and think about lifting your knees up the hill. It's also important to keep moving through the entire hill so you don't slow down at the top and lose all your momentum.
When going downhill, it's more helpful to take longer strides to utilize the downhill, go faster and use less energy all at the same time. If you're in a competitive race, hills are a great opportunity to pass other runners. They take more mental toughness in general, but it is important to stay relaxed and have quick feet especially when you're going uphill.
I should also mention that if you have any injury problems, especially with the knees, it is better to take shorter steps and slow down on the down hills to decrease the distance you're falling each step, which will lessen the pounding your knees take.
Hills are a great way to take racing to the next level and really get an edge over other runners if you can run them efficiently.
Brian P. Farley

Have an awesome day and keep running~~~


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run Review/

Dirty Girl Mud Run review/

First of all let me tell you, I was so excited to find out I was accepted to be an Ambassador for the Dirty Girl Mud Run.

I ran the Columbus, MN race.....which is not to far out of the Twin Cities, beautiful area, with the race taken place at The Running Aces harness racing horse track.
Once I got all the information I needed I put my team together, we were to have more than who showed up, but life steered them in another direction. So we made do with 3 of us, and had an Absolute Blast!!
Here we in the front wearing black, dirty but not as dirty as we are going to get. we are crawling through Mud.
And it felt good.
At the end of the day we were some very Dirty Girls, and we loved it.
We found our inner strength, we moved beyond our comfort zones, we worked as a team, we became close friends, ( sisters) We will be back, and looking forward to doing this again!!

Tell me, doesn't this look like fun to you?

Get your girlfriends, sisters, mom, aunts, anyone together and come experience the fun that the Dirty Girl Mud run puts together.

Click here for a run near you

And please tell us how much fun you had at you run!

Monday, August 5, 2013

QuestBar review

More yummy delicious flavors from QuestBar/

I received a sample box, a couple of their new flavors, and now they offer pasta!
Yes that's right, guilt free pasta.
Spaghetti or Spinach fettuccine, low calorie, zero fat, and Gluten free. Only 20 calories per serving......for pasta, I know it is unbelievable.

And the bars, they are thee most delicious protein bars I have ever had.....and I have tried many.
And 20 plus grams of protein per bar, along with, or without I should say, no sugar or sugar alcohols, high fiber and gluten free.
So many flavors to choose from.

I look forward to having one of these, its as if I get a guilt free dessert.
Here is a bit more information on this product.

Why do your bars have so few carbs? A: As most people know, if you want to stay healthy, lose fat or build LEAN, fat-free muscle, you must control your carb intake. That's why we've worked so hard to create bars with so few grams of available carbohydrates (almost all of Quest Bar's carbs come from inert fiber which helps keep you full but doesn't skyrocket your insulin levels.)

Q: If low carb food is the key to my success, why do other nutrition bars have so many carbs or sugar alcohols?
A: Because until now, there was no other way to make a bar that tasted good and didn't rot on the shelf. We had to create a process so unique that we protected it by filing a patent. That's why you won't see any other bars like ours on the market. Quest is the first truly low carb bar with no simple carbs or harmful sugar alcohols. A perfect meal in your pocket.


The Quest bar was made by us, the Quest team (hi!) because we care about what we eat, and we couldn't find any nutrition bars on the market that we were actually willing to consume. We weren't willing to sacrifice taste, and sadly none of us have the kind of genetics that would let us eat candy and look like fitness models. Soooooo, we made the Quest protein bar. It wasn't easy, but it sure is tasty!
We know that once you taste this nutrition bar you'll agree that no other protein bar on the market even comes close to matching the combination of amazing flavor and perfect nutrition with absolutely no compromises. And it's now easier than ever to try Quest for the first time! You can buy a single bar, a sampler box, or purchase at stores across the United States! And remember, we have an unconditional 100% money back guarantee so there's no reason not to start your Quest today.

I am a dedicated QuestBar customer, and I know you will be too.
here is the link to shop their site.

Let me know what your favorite flavor is, mine is white chocolate Raspberry. Yum!!