Friday, May 10, 2013

Diet to go review/

Diet - To - Go, healthy eating made easy.

I was given the chance to try diet to go for a week, and give a review. To be honest I have never been on a diet or food plan before, so I did not know what to expect. But I didn't expect it to taste like home cooking, and it did.
So many positive things to say about this company.
1. It comes right to your door, all packaged and frozen ready to prepare.
2. It is labeled for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.
3. There are 3 meal plans to choose from, traditional, low carb, or vegetarian.

I received the traditional low fat plan, 5 day, which is what I chose.
Breakfast was my first meal, (of course ) and I love how healthy it was.
Scrambled eggs w/spinach, asparagus and chicken sausage patty.
Very delish and filling.

I am a big soup fanatic, so I was very pleased with receiving some fabulous soups.
Sides also come with, rolls, yogurts, fruit, juices, crackers, the list is so long I will let you check their website for more.

Being a part of Diet To Go, is like having your own personal chef.
The work is all done for you, no measuring, cooking, shopping, finding high quality healthy foods. They do it for you, and deliver it right when you need it.
Here is a little info on the traditional low fat plan/

The Low–Fat Menu is Great for People Who:

  • Want to lose up to 2-5 lbs per week. *
  • Like a great variery of fresh Low-Fat meals.
  • Diabetics that are looking for a safe diet meal plan.
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All Plans Protected by Our 100% Guarantee!

  • No Contract, No Commitment
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Did You Know?

  • Meals are served on a 5 week rotation to give you great variety.
  • Any meal can be substituted for dislikes or allergies.
Are looking to lose a few extra pounds, or more??

 Lose weight without losing your mind.
With Diet-to-Go as your personal chef, you don't have to stress or worry about what to eat or if you're going to be hungry again in an hour. Our chefs and dieticians do all the work for you. Everything you need is included. Just eat and enjoy the meals as the weight falls off. It just doesn't get any easier than Diet-to-Go.

Real food tastes good!

Real food satisfies your hunger with fewer calories and provides additional health benefits such as increased energy and focus, better sleep, improved digestion and reduced appetite. But, eating high-quality, healthy food isn't always easy. That's why Diet-to-Go is such a great value.

 And for a Limited time you can get a 25 percent discount on your first order, use code summer25" and you have a great savings along with wonderful, healthy, delicious meals to help you become a healthier you.
Ready to order, or want more information click on the link here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Prize package Giveaway!!

Mothers day prize giveaway!!

Who doesn't love gifts, and its Mothers day!
I know you all deserve these gifts, and if your not a Mother,
maybe an Aunt, Uncle or Father.
Everyone is welcome to enter.

In the package you will win a Pink Shoelaces T-Shirt, along with Pink shoelaces.

And a comfy, soft pair of Feetures socks.
And some healthy snacks such as, a Peanut Butter chocolate chip Larabar, Cherry berry dried fruit snack, and A Mango all natural fruit snack.
To enter:
1. Like High heels and Pink shoelaces.
2. Share this giveaway on your page.
                 3. On this blog share you favorite Mother's Day Memory.
Make sure you like the page so I am able to let you know you are a winner!!

ZOLA Water Review

Zola coconut water and acai/

First off I was hesitant with the coconut water, up until trying Zola ,I haven't met one I liked.

Zola changed my mind, I can't even explain how refreshing it was to drink it for the first time after a long run, it was so delicious!!

I am now for the first time a coconut water drinker, and not only does it taste good but it is so good for you.
When you look at the ingredients you read, coconut water, that's it, not some words you can't even pronounce, no added sugars or flavors or food colorings. All Natural.

I also tried the Organic ACAI juice.
All Natural and organic really stood out for me, I love being able to know exactly what I am eating or drinking. Zola makes it easy.
I usually make my own juices, its not a beverage I buy in stores because of what they have in them.

Now this is a juice I will definitely by and tell others about, it tastes great, its refreshing, and is very thirst quenching.
I feel good knowing I am drinking healthy, organic, good for me products.

Here is some info on what you get from coconut water/
Coco-Hydration™ Each Sip Offers:
  • Delicious and fresh taste
  • Supports natural hydration
  • Essential electrolytes: potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium
  • 100% Natural & Delicious
  • Gluten and GMO Free, 100% Vegan
  • BPA Free Can
I am sure you would like to try Zola for yourself, I will put their website up for you to click on and order your own.
Click here

What is your favorite coconut water??

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bobbi's Boot Camp/ 30 day challenge

May Challenge!!
Welcome to Bobbi's Boot Camp.

Here we go, I hope everyone is excited about this one.
It will take us right into June, shorts and swimsuit season.

Start each day with/
30 minutes of cardio
30 jumping jacks
20 lunges each side

15 sit ups
15 push ups
1 minute plank

Drink 64 Oz of water daily
Journal your food/ you eat, you write it.
No Fast food, No processed food.

You will see how amazing your body feels when you omit these poisons from your body, switch to vegetables and fruit.
Snack on homemade popcorn, not microwave.
Involve your family, friends, anyone who will help you stick to this challenge if you need it.

Any questions I am here to help, message me or use the page, that's what its for.

You can do this, also write down how many reps you are doing. I know you will be wanting to increase as you get stronger, you have to be if you did last months challenge.


Does your child or loved one have ADHD?

Would you consider natural treatment to meds?

Although experts aren't quite certain why it occurs, ADHD affects 3 to 5 percent of school age children, causing symptoms such as inattentiveness, anxiety, and forgetfulness.
Kids with ADHD typically respond to meds designed to calm and focus, but some of these drugs carry unpleasant side effects, such as appetite changes, and muscle spasms.
You don't need to rely solely on meds to alleviate this condition.
Consider natural options to compliment your childs treatment plan.

Up Omega-3s
Childrens diets should contain omega-3 rich foods such as chia, hemp, nuts, and fatty fish.
Try Magnesium, also known as a calming mineral. Low levels are associated with restless legs, anxiety, and irritability.
Boost B vitamins, they are important building blocks for brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin, and dopamine.

Give up gluten, avoid processed foods.
High fructose corn syrup and artificial colors such as yellow, blue and red, are linked to hyperactivity in children.
Choose whole real foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits and organic meat.

Lead by example.
Model the behavior you want to see in your child, for example if your child is not allowed to eat in the living room, the rules should apply to the whole family.

Set boundaries.
Rather than offer kids unlimited choices, give them two or three options. This will help them feel safe.

Work with Teachers.
Some children with ADHD might have trouble fitting into schools, when speaking with your child's teacher use words such as partnership to obtain healthy cooperation.
Teachers have a whole classroom to deal with, not just your child.
If you address them with respect and understanding, your child will benefit.

I do not personally have a child with ADHD, but I have researched this with a feeling that the foods we eat can have a lot to do with it.

Let me know if this has helped you in any way.