Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Heads Up Bands Review

Love Heads Up Bands/

I was sent a few samples of headbands from the company Heads Up Bands to try out and review.

I am a head band girl, especially since it seems I am always trying to grow out my bangs.......again.
When I received the bands I swear I thought they were the cutest ever, loved the colors and patterns they sent me.

There is one missing because I brought it up to the lake to have when I run up there, it is a pretty pink one.
I am a runner, I play tennis and golf.
So I can tell you these come in pretty handy for my day to day lifestyle, and they stay put during my activity.
They don't slip, and I don't have to fuss while running to keep it in place.

These are perfect for fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, etc.
Here is a little info on the company.

 So what's in a name?  Sometimes everything!  
Heads Up Bands was born from the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. When your hair grows back with all its crazy curl, yes think Mike Brady; these handmade bands were a necessity. Receiving compliments & inquires about these curl
controlling bands it was clear that a negative could be turned into a positive!  

The name Heads Up Bands was chosen because we believe in the following rules; live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, laugh out loud & always keep your head up to see the good in the world, the promise of discovery & to move forward!

Heads Up Bands will be doing a giveaway soon on my page, so stay tuned you will not want to miss out.
And if you want to find out more, and order your own just click on this link


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Handana Review

My Handana review/

I was so excited when I was contacted to try out this product,
the handana.
It was a perfect time for me because I have always used the cotton wristband, which my hubby says looks like I'm bringing back the 70's.

The handana is a must for runners, it is so comfortable and soft.
It wipes away the sweat before it gets in your eyes, and evaporates right into the material.

And I love the colors you have to choose from, this is the one day I went running not wearing pink, but the Handana had me covered.

This is so flexible, I also wear it when playing tennis.
Lately the temperature has been in the high 90's so my Handana has been getting a workout, and it truly works. This will be replacing my wristbands. :)

Here is the story about the creator of this product.

Handana® was created by Katie Niemeyer as a solution to inefficient cotton sports wristbands she wrapped around her hands to wipe away sweat and nasal drip while running
As a SJS survivor, her eyes were very sensitive, and she found it difficult to focus on training for her first marathon while sweat was dripping into and burning her eyes. Hats, headbands and sweatbands helped, but in the Texas heat, sweat still dripped causing extreme pain and providing an excuse to stop her workouts. With the marathon a few months away, she needed a solution.
That’s when Handana was born. Her idea was to create a high performance, fashionable wristsweatband for running and sports that wraps around your hand allowing you to use both sides of your Handana hand to wipe sweat from your neck or forehand.

You will definitely want to order a Handana for yourself, here is the link to their website.

Have you tried the Handana?

Mom and Son Road Trip

Road trip with my youngest son/

Knowing my son will soon be too busy to take spur of the moment trips, I asked him to join me on a 6 day road trip to South Dakota.
At first he thought.....that's kind of weird , just me and you?
See we always travel as a family, the 3 boys and my husband. So it took him a bit to get used to the idea.

We packed up the car and headed to Mitchell S.D, our first overnight stay. And if you have ever been there you know there
is nothing much to do after you have seen the Corn Palace.

Which is a bit interesting, they change the design every year by using corn kernels. Pretty amazing actually.

We then continued on to Rapid city, but on our way we stopped at a car show with a huge variety of old cars, motorcycles, tractors, bikes and more.
Once we got to Rapid, first thing we did was go to Mount Rushmore. This is my third time being there, but it still amazes me the work that when into this massive architecture.

After Mount Rushmore we went into the city to eat, went down an Alpine slide, which was so much fun.
We also  went to Bear Country, and that included black bear, grizzly's, deer, lynx, and a few other types of animals.
That pretty much ended our day.
On the rest of our trip we went horseback riding, ziplining ,we saw the sculpture of Crazy Horse, still being worked on today.
Heading back home we stayed in Wall S.D, you know you can't visit S.D without visiting Wall Drug. It truly is an amazing street, lots of little shops, eateries, and of course the Main Drug store that made it famous.
Right outside of Wall we went to visit 3 missile sites, very interesting and informative.
We headed back home, feeling pretty exhausted, especially being the straight drive home was 9 hours.
And we couldn't pass up a stop at the Minnesota's Largest candy store.
It was an Amazing trip, and I am so glad we did it. These are memories I will cherish forever, and am sure he will also.
It is good to be home, the trip went so fast.
The first thing my son said when we got home was......Mom thank you for this trip. That meant the world to me, and I thanked him for being there with me.

If you have the chance to take a trip with your child do it, they grow up so fast. Peter is 15, he starts drivers Ed this month, he will have a job and more responsibilities soon. And before I know it he's off to college.
We will always have these memories.

Tell me if you have a travel family story, I would love to hear about it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Esprit de She

Athleta esprit de She giveaway!!

Summer time is race time, and Athleta esprit de She has plenty of races coming up.
I am lucky enough to be an Ambassador for the esprit de She, and I will be running in the July 25th race in Minneapolis MN.

50th & France, Minnesota

July 25, 2013
Join Athleta Esprit de She for the ultimate ladies night out in one of the city’s most desirable shopping destinations. Held together with Ladies Night Out, hosted by the 50th & France Business Association, begin the night with a fitness-inspired, "happy hour" 5K run, then salute success with hosted activities and shopping discounts from participating businesses during the night market. It’s a summer evening Minnesota women will not want to miss.
Here is the link to check out all there races, and triathlons.
Athleta esprit de She is also letting me giveaway a Gift pack with
a shirt to a lucky winner.
All you need to do to enter is:
1 / Like esprit de She on Facebook
2/ Like @High heels and Pink Shoelaces
3/ Tell me why you would want to win this gift pack

If you signed up to run let me know which race your running, if your running the MPLS I would love to meet up with you at the race.

Good luck winning the awesome gift pack!!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Enter here for your chance to win POWERICE.

The good people over at POWERICE gave me the go ahead to offer up a box of this great thirst quencher to you.
I love POWERICE, after a long run or workout this is something I look forward to having.
It is my treat, and only 30 calories, my favorite is the orange but you can choose between orange and Lime.
Here is some information on all its wonderful goodness.
To win your own box from this company enter here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Suki Skin Care

Suki Skin Care review/

I was given the chance to review this product through Vita Cost,
I have always loved skin care and I jumped at the chance to review this product.

I received the Suki Body velvet moisturizing lotion, and Suki face intensive moisturizing cream.
Not knowing what to expect I hesitantly gave them a try.
I am being honest with you when I tell you, this is the best moisturizing product I have ever used.
The body lotion just glides on so silky smooth, and has the most pleasant aroma, nice and light. It is absolutely beautiful.
The face cream is pretty much the same, it is so wonderfully soft and creamy. I have never had my makeup go on so smoothly over my face lotion, I just love the feel of my skin when using this product.
I am sold!!
I just have to give you a bit more information just so you can make up your own mind, and try it for your self.
Velvet moisturizing cream/

deeply hydrating & luxurious, yet greaseless & unbelievably
light to the touch. this sukibody® essential body
moisturizer with fair trade shea butter, high-potency
botanic concentrate™, green tea & chamomile soothe away
bumps, redness, irritation & dryness, leaving skin
luscious, incredibly smooth & softly fragranced with a
wonderful yet light aroma blend.

Intensive moisturizing cream/
multi-tasking, luxurious cream, part of the sukiface®
nourishing regimen for combination to dry & mature types,
utilizes potent antiagers – resveratrol for wrinkles &
brightening, hyaluronic acid for ultra-hydration, collagen
for stimulating slowed production & timerelease vitamin c
peptides for antioxidant & super smoothing benefits. this
potent blend of advanced scientific ingredients provides
the ultimate in tone evening, rather than toxic bleaching
while fighting free radicals, revealing your youthful,
evenly toned, dewy complexion.

suki® essentials, made of high concentrations of the world's finest & most innovative ingredients, are the perfect complement to any skincare regimen for all types of complexions & conditions, featuring top-performing ingredients, clinically-proven to provide your healthiest, most radiant skin.

If you want more info or ready to order click here
And you are on your way to better, healthier skincare.

Try it and let me know what you think.


Monday, July 1, 2013

PROMAX, Protien for the people

PROMAX Review.

Yes....I was given another great opportunity to try this product, PROMAX was nice enough to send me a box of healthy goodies to try and review, and give a review on what I think. Unpaid of course.

First of all, I am always excited when a box arrives at my door. Well who isn't?
Second, when I opened it up my first thought was.....YUM.
But of course I still had to try it, but the flavors already got me excited.
I am a runner, for those of you who do not know me.
And I need to grab some protein after my workout, I am one of those people that can't eat much after a workout.
These bars are just perfect for me, and they taste delish!
The vanilla drink is very thirst quenching, mostly I go for water, but this is a nice change if I choose  to not eat right away.
PROMAX just got a new customer, and I will be telling everyone about it.
Here is a bit more info about them/

WE ARE MORE THAN JUST PROTEIN. We care about what goes into people’s bodies, so we pack our bars with replenishing protein, vitamins and minerals, and great-tasting flavors. You won’t find any artificial sweeteners or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, maltitol or gelatin, and they are gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian. Here at Promax, we are passionate about fit, well-nourished bodies We fuel the DOers who get up every day and make “it” better, whatever “it” is. - See more at:
With a wide range of products, Promax is committed to developing portable nutrition products for active people striving to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle. Promax Nutrition is committed to supporting the DOer’s and creating Protein for the People.

PROMAX, thank you.