Friday, November 30, 2012

High Heels and Pink Shoelaces: FITTING IN FITNESS

High Heels and Pink Shoelaces: FITTING IN FITNESS: FITTING IN FITNESS Now that the holiday season is starting to get busy, it is gettng harder and harder to find time for fitness. I am one...



Now that the holiday season is starting to get busy, it is gettng harder and harder to find time for fitness. I am one to stress the importance to make time to exercise, but at times like this it is hard.

I did my 100 mile challenge and just eeked out the 100, with a day to go. Woo-hoo!!

But now the hard times begin, Christmas decorating, which I love!!
Baking...not my favorite, but hey someone has to do it.
Shopping, another LOVE, and I look forward to al lthe lights,music
and the store decorating.
I may get so wrapped up in it all, that What....I didn't get my run in.
Doesn't help that it gets dark out at 4:30, if I go with my husband fine, but I wil not run in the dark alone....I just won't!

I have a gym at home, so I really have no excuse.
I set up challenges for myself, and invite others on my facebook  fitness page to join in. Helps hold me accountable, and make sure I get it done.

Also, knowing there will be more goodies around, cocktails and such, I need to keep buriing those calories.
Mission: No weight gain during the holidays!!

Not only will the exercise make me feel less stressed, but it will keep me in a good mood and happy.
As the saying goes, If Mama's not happy, no ones happy. :)
I will be in the gym, it is after all my feel good place.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

                    #THE END OF THE YEAR 2012

I know we still have a month or more to go before reflecting on the year 2012, but it just got me to think on how much we did in this one year.
My husband and I took a trip to Costa Rica, where I was able to mark off a couple of my buckle list to do's

Such as Deep sea fishing....well more my husbands than mine, but hey I did it I can mark it down.

Also we ziplined through the tree tops of Costa Rica, yes I was terrified until I did it, it was amazing!!
Along with hiking, dining,seeing monkeys and Iguana's off our balcony, it was an exciting trip.
Oh" I wish we were back there, especially since now the weather is cold, snow on the ground and ice on the lake.
But as much as I may complain about WI weather, I wouldn't leave it for the world.
I do miss you Costa Rica, and I will be back!!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My blog today touches on what we/or most of us go through during the holiday season.
We stress about Everything, are the decorations just perfect, do all the lights work...which ,if your we know for some reason they never do. What happens to lights when we put them away, they work just fine when we put them away all nice and tidy. And not only do a few of them(usually a few per strand) don't work, but somehow now they mated and are in a matted ball.
Oh' how I love to untangle lights. (not)
Stress free method, toss and buy. You know you will end up doing it anyway, so save the time and energy for something else.
Then we have the party plans, dinner menu's and gifts to buy.
We sometimes have to say no, if I really don't have the time to attend the party I need to say no, saying no later will stress me out I have to think of an excuse.

Dinner menu, unless you are a gourmet chef no one expects perfection, do your best and do what you know. If you are planning on serving something new, try it out ahead of time.

Gifts, sometimes this is the most stressful, who do you buy for, what if someone buys for you and you don't have a gift in return. Well I always keep a few gifts on hand for this very situation, beauty and bath gifts/ and liquor gifts, you know for the men.
Kids are different, Christmas is for them so keep it special and include them in the giving.

Include the family on the house decorating, make it fun, holiday music, snacks and hot cocoa.
Now keep it simple, laugh, Love and be merry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

With the cold weather arriving, I had to share with you these nifty
headphones. Not only are they super cozy and warm, but the sound that comes out of it is awesome.
Hello hello,
It has been awhile, I get so involved with my facebook page that I forget about my blog.
Thanksgiving was nice and quiet with just me,my husband and 3 boys.
can not believe on Thanksgiving morning my husband and one of my sons went out fishing
in the canoe, what a turn the day took when the nice 60 degree day turned to a beautiful snowy
night. Wisconsin....gotta love it.

I am close to getting my 100 mile mark, Friday being the deadline.

We are now getting ready for Christmas, my favorite time of year.
I just  love the feeling you get when everyone is home, its a feeling of ahhh.
Had to leave a pic of the fishermen out on Thanksgiving.

Gotta go for now, getting my run in.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today is National Diabetes awareness day, I am posting to draw awareness to the symptoms of Type 1.
My oldest son was diagnost 5 years ago and I did not know anything about type 1, but he had all these signs.
We continue to learn about and fight for a Cure each and everyday.

Voice of Life focuses on the healing power of music

Voice of Life focuses on the healing power of music

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Its Tuesday, day 2 of my 100 mile Challenge.
Yesterday I put in just under 6 miles, so I guess I can say 6 miles.
I'm sure walking around cleaning the house would bring it up to that.....right?

I need to set up challenges like this to push myself, I tend to set them a bit high
but it makes me feel awesome when I do actually accomlish them.

On my bucket list is a 1/2 marathon.....some day.
But for now I have to set my next run to a 10 miler, I am going in steps.
I don't know if that is the way others set up there races, but for me I have done
plenty of 5k's a couple 10k's and now I need to get in the 10 miler.

This one already makes me nervous, don't know why....maybe because I have
never ran much over 7.

Keeping this blog is going to help hold me accountable, and keep the challenges going.
I invite you along on my Journey( such as it is ) and maybe join me in my own Challenges.

Have a Blessed Tuesday~~

And remember If the Shoe fits.....Run!

Monday, November 12, 2012

New goal / starting today 100 miles

My plan / Run at least 5 days a week

Stick with it / I will

Reach goal / Dec 1st

Join me on this Journey to 100 miles, lets achieve this together.

I am a runner because I run.
I started running just a couple years ago, one of my boys has been a competative runner since the 7th
grade and he is now a college Sr. He was and is my motivation/ Inspiration.

Running gives you the feeling of living, truly being one with nature(when running outdoors)
Not only is it great cardio, calorie burning, fat burning exercise. But also a great stress releaser,
feeling so much better than before you started.

I run about 5 to 7 miles most days of the week, I am trying to push myself to the 10 mile run.
I love running 5 and 10k"s......someday doing a half marathon.

I am a Runner.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hello eveyone.
This is day number one as a blogger, I have had a facebook page since Sept. and thought its time
to start a blog.

Excited to be here to share health tips, fitness and workout info and just try to inspire others into
the world of being fit, staying fit and feeling good.

Today being Sunday I am spending time with family, watching the vikings game and realxing.

Family and faith are very important to me, and am known to share a few things about them, and
hope you feel free to share your big moments with me.

Have a Blessed Sunday!!