Thursday, November 29, 2012

                    #THE END OF THE YEAR 2012

I know we still have a month or more to go before reflecting on the year 2012, but it just got me to think on how much we did in this one year.
My husband and I took a trip to Costa Rica, where I was able to mark off a couple of my buckle list to do's

Such as Deep sea fishing....well more my husbands than mine, but hey I did it I can mark it down.

Also we ziplined through the tree tops of Costa Rica, yes I was terrified until I did it, it was amazing!!
Along with hiking, dining,seeing monkeys and Iguana's off our balcony, it was an exciting trip.
Oh" I wish we were back there, especially since now the weather is cold, snow on the ground and ice on the lake.
But as much as I may complain about WI weather, I wouldn't leave it for the world.
I do miss you Costa Rica, and I will be back!!


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