Monday, November 12, 2012

I am a runner because I run.
I started running just a couple years ago, one of my boys has been a competative runner since the 7th
grade and he is now a college Sr. He was and is my motivation/ Inspiration.

Running gives you the feeling of living, truly being one with nature(when running outdoors)
Not only is it great cardio, calorie burning, fat burning exercise. But also a great stress releaser,
feeling so much better than before you started.

I run about 5 to 7 miles most days of the week, I am trying to push myself to the 10 mile run.
I love running 5 and 10k"s......someday doing a half marathon.

I am a Runner.


  1. Hi Bobbi! I found you on Facebook and liked your page! Now, I will be following your blog. I am Kathia, a fan of health and fitness and like you, of shoes!! My obsession is with Christian Louboutin shoes! LOL!

    As of lately, I have been holding off on those and buying more gym shoes but still! So hence the name of my FB page and Blog!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, an amazing journey and many many more shoes!



    1. Welcome Kathia,
      I also subscribed to yours.
      I also have a ton of running shoes, along with my high heels.
      Have to say never owned a pair of Christian Louboutin, they don't even sell them anywhere around here.