Friday, November 30, 2012



Now that the holiday season is starting to get busy, it is gettng harder and harder to find time for fitness. I am one to stress the importance to make time to exercise, but at times like this it is hard.

I did my 100 mile challenge and just eeked out the 100, with a day to go. Woo-hoo!!

But now the hard times begin, Christmas decorating, which I love!!
Baking...not my favorite, but hey someone has to do it.
Shopping, another LOVE, and I look forward to al lthe lights,music
and the store decorating.
I may get so wrapped up in it all, that What....I didn't get my run in.
Doesn't help that it gets dark out at 4:30, if I go with my husband fine, but I wil not run in the dark alone....I just won't!

I have a gym at home, so I really have no excuse.
I set up challenges for myself, and invite others on my facebook  fitness page to join in. Helps hold me accountable, and make sure I get it done.

Also, knowing there will be more goodies around, cocktails and such, I need to keep buriing those calories.
Mission: No weight gain during the holidays!!

Not only will the exercise make me feel less stressed, but it will keep me in a good mood and happy.
As the saying goes, If Mama's not happy, no ones happy. :)
I will be in the gym, it is after all my feel good place.


  1. It's so hard to find time to work out, isn't it? I specifically schedule it into my week, writing it in my calendar just like any other appointment. It's so important!

  2. That is so true Ang, and it always gets harder around the holidays with so much to do. Scheduling is the best idea to make sure and get it done.