Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My blog today touches on what we/or most of us go through during the holiday season.
We stress about Everything, are the decorations just perfect, do all the lights work...which ,if your we know for some reason they never do. What happens to lights when we put them away, they work just fine when we put them away all nice and tidy. And not only do a few of them(usually a few per strand) don't work, but somehow now they mated and are in a matted ball.
Oh' how I love to untangle lights. (not)
Stress free method, toss and buy. You know you will end up doing it anyway, so save the time and energy for something else.
Then we have the party plans, dinner menu's and gifts to buy.
We sometimes have to say no, if I really don't have the time to attend the party I need to say no, saying no later will stress me out I have to think of an excuse.

Dinner menu, unless you are a gourmet chef no one expects perfection, do your best and do what you know. If you are planning on serving something new, try it out ahead of time.

Gifts, sometimes this is the most stressful, who do you buy for, what if someone buys for you and you don't have a gift in return. Well I always keep a few gifts on hand for this very situation, beauty and bath gifts/ and liquor gifts, you know for the men.
Kids are different, Christmas is for them so keep it special and include them in the giving.

Include the family on the house decorating, make it fun, holiday music, snacks and hot cocoa.
Now keep it simple, laugh, Love and be merry.

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