Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zaggora hot pants review

Zaggora hot pants/

I was luck enough to recieve a pair of  Zaggora hot pants, and have to say......when I first pulled them out of the package I was surprised at the material. A little thick, and I thought how comfy will they be to workout in?
Well, let me tell you, they are so cozy you practically want to sleep in them. They offer a great amount of warmth which helps you in the process of burning calories, and getting a good sweat on.
And very soft.
I have worn them for 2 weeks now, which is the time they ask to notice a difference in inches/weight.
I have lost 2 inches off my waste, which I did not expect to happen.
I am so happy with the Zaggora brand I will be ordering more pieces, they also have longer leggings, and tops.
Here is more info on why this product is so amazing, and I will leave the link so can order your own.

How It Works

Our research shows that the use of a Zaggora top and bottom (“Zaggora Hotwear”) during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while remaining well hydrated, may help to increase both body temperature generation and the rate of calorie burn.
During 2011 and 2012, Zaggora commissioned research on Hotwear from ETScience, based at the University of Southern California, USA ("ETS Study"), and from the Chelsea School of Sport, University of Brighton in the UK ("UB Study"). Altogether, more than 120 women took part in the studies.

During exercise

Both studies confirm the finding that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can increase calorie burn.*
The UB Study tested 13 subjects in Zaggora HotPants and 13 in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in HotPants can increase energy expenditure during exercise by an average of 11%.
The ETS Study first tested 30 subjects in Zaggora Hotwear and 30 subjects in standard exercise clothing and found that exercising in Zaggora Hotwear can lead to a statistically significant increase in energy expenditure as compared to standard exercise clothing: 6% on average and up to 18% depending on fitness level.
When testing a group of 10 subjects exercising at a constant speed, data revealed that subjects in Zaggora Hotwear burned 9.7% more calories than subjects in standard exercise clothing during 30 minutes of exercise.

After exercise

The UB Study found that if Zaggora HotPants are worn in resting recovery after 30 minutes of exercise, they can lead to a 12.5% increase in energy expenditure in the 30-60 minutes after exercise.
Heart rate and exercise intensity
During exercise
The ETS Study found that subjects exercising in Zaggora Hotwear had to exercise at a 3% lower speed and 23% lesser incline to achieve the same heart rate range as subjects exercising in standard exercise clothing.

Heat and safety
Both the UB Study and the ETS Study found that while an increase in heat generated by the body did occur while wearing Zaggora Hotwear, exercising in it is safe since core body temperature does not exceed acceptable exercise induced elevations.

And her you go to shop

Let me know if you wear Zaggora, and how it has worked for you.

Monday, April 22, 2013

New to essential oils

My review of doTERRA essential oils/

Here I am new to using essential oils, I know many people that use them, I  just felt there wasn't a need for me.

Well......until I was contacted by this company to give their oils a try, I was asked what I would like help with such as aches and pains, stress, digestive problems, etc.
I felt I didn't have an ailment needing any help, but then I thought I do have a hard time sleeping throughout the night is there a oil for that, and she said she will send me something to help with that.
My Package came with not only the recommended oil for sleep but also 8 other bottles to sample, and let me tell you the aroma of these oils are wonderful.
The first night I did use the oil she gave me to relax, it was a citrusy
smell and I dabbed it behind my ears before bed.
The oil is called Wild Orange
It did put me in a more relaxing mood, the scent just drifted in and out, not too powerful or intense.
I use it before bed now, and I do believe I am having a better night sleep.
And they have so many oils to choose from, to relieve almost any ailment you may have.
I will leave you with some information on them and the link for you to purchase your own Essential oils.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. If you have ever enjoyed the gift of a rose, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of fresh cut mint, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease and play a role in plant pollination. 
Essential oils are non water-based phytochemicals made up of volatile aromatic compounds. Although they are fat soluble, they do not include fatty lipids or acids found in vegetable and animal oils. Essential oils are very clean, almost crisp, to the touch and are immediately absorbed by the skin. Pure, unadulterated essential oils are translucent and range in color from crystal clear to deep blue.
Try this at home: Squeeze the peel of a ripe orange. The fragrant residue on your hand is full of essential oils.
In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Modern scientific study and trends towards more holistic approaches to wellness are driving a revival and new discovery of essential oil health applications.
dōTERRA (CPTG) Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial essential oils available today. They are gently and skillfully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize dōTERRA's superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Let me know what you think of essential oils, do you use them?
They also have skincare, spa and hair care, along with many aids to help you lose weight and stay fit.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston bombings

Such Sadness/

The Boston Marathon, an event that should bring such enthusiasm,
and energy turned to sadness.
How can such evil lurk in these places, its a place to come together,
cheer each other on. Families watching their loved ones make such an accomplishment in their lives. Children watching their mom or dad come to the finish line, moms and dads waiting for their child to finish.
Such excitement turns to horror, when not one, but two bombs explode, in an area of those that are excited to see the finish of these wonderful runners.
My heart goes out to them all, they will never be the same.
But.....we can never let the wicked take away our feeling of safety.
We will never let them win, runners will continue to run.

The Boston marathon will continue, and I can bet it will be even bigger next year.
We have our Faith, they can not take that way from us.
We will continue to build our Faith in humanity, love, and help our
fellow neighbors. As we saw when this tragedy happened, everyone came together as one, helping one another, doing whatever it is they could to lend a hand.
Runners......they are an elite group, there is no stopping a runner.
We will run for Boston, we will not forget!

If you are a runner, a walker, a jogger, go out in support of the Boston Marathon and run for them.

Victims, families and runners, you are all in my prayers.


Monday, April 8, 2013

High heels and pink shoelaces 30 Fitness Challenge

Today is the day to we start the 30 day fitness challenge/

Beginning April 8th and ending May 6th.

Just in time for summer, shorts, bathing suits and summer dresses.
I want you all to be ready, take it serious, and challenge your self.
If you can do more, do more, if you need to do less, do less but work yourself up to doing the amount in the challenge.
Also, keep a chart and right everything down, the amount you have done to show you how much you are improving.
Lets do this!!

30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.

20 pushups everyday.
20 situps everyday.
1 minute plank everyday.
30 squats 5 times a week.

Absolutely NO Fastfood! ( forbidden )

If you have any questions just ask, want to share your accomplishments, we would love to hear.
Share pics also if you would like.
Lets do this together, we are a team.

Day 1 starts now!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Giveaway time!!

Who wants to win a pair of WACKY SOX??
Be different, stand out, be wacky!!

Enter here to win a pair of these Oh' so comfortable, walking on a cloud cuter then heck socks.

Enter here/
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Wacky Sox


I was so excited when I received my package from the Wacky Sox company, I love funky socks and I could not wait to open it up and see what I would find.

They have the most awesome designs, I have never seen anything like them.

The colors are so vivid, and who doesn't love to run or workout in fun socks!!
This company is in the UK, and they were so awesome to send me USA socks......I can't wait to rock those babies!!
Now lets talk about comfort, they are so soft its like walking on marshmallows, really cushy.
You can also have personalized socks made, create your own design for your website, school, or company.
Bespoke sock template

At the top there is a fully elasticated turnover that prevents the socks from slipping down.
Here is a bit more info on this awesome product.

ALL WackySox are made featuring a comfortable padded foot which in turn boasts a high performance 75% COOLMAX® construction. We make various styles of sports socks suitable for many sports and activities such as rugby, football, GAA, hockey, running etc.

COOLMAX® is the original moisture management fabric which features advanced wicking technology, managing and moving moisture away from your skin - keeping you dry and cool. In turn this will allow allow you to play or train harder and longer. The leg section of all our knee length range is made up of a full 5% Elastane and 95% Polyamide mix which maximises support for the ankle and leg.

All of our socks are made under license exclusively for Wacky Limited here in Great Britain. The wacky designs and advanced COOLMAX® fabric which is used in the padded foot construction make WackySox the ultimate in fun high-tech performance sports socks.

If you are like me and love to be different, just a little, I know you will be ordering yourself some of these.
Just click on their link / and you will see the variety of socks they have.

When you are doing your 5k, 10k, 1/2 or marathon, why not show a little art on your legs.

Let me know what you think, are you ordering today??
I know I will be getting more.