Monday, April 8, 2013

High heels and pink shoelaces 30 Fitness Challenge

Today is the day to we start the 30 day fitness challenge/

Beginning April 8th and ending May 6th.

Just in time for summer, shorts, bathing suits and summer dresses.
I want you all to be ready, take it serious, and challenge your self.
If you can do more, do more, if you need to do less, do less but work yourself up to doing the amount in the challenge.
Also, keep a chart and right everything down, the amount you have done to show you how much you are improving.
Lets do this!!

30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week.

20 pushups everyday.
20 situps everyday.
1 minute plank everyday.
30 squats 5 times a week.

Absolutely NO Fastfood! ( forbidden )

If you have any questions just ask, want to share your accomplishments, we would love to hear.
Share pics also if you would like.
Lets do this together, we are a team.

Day 1 starts now!

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