Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston bombings

Such Sadness/

The Boston Marathon, an event that should bring such enthusiasm,
and energy turned to sadness.
How can such evil lurk in these places, its a place to come together,
cheer each other on. Families watching their loved ones make such an accomplishment in their lives. Children watching their mom or dad come to the finish line, moms and dads waiting for their child to finish.
Such excitement turns to horror, when not one, but two bombs explode, in an area of those that are excited to see the finish of these wonderful runners.
My heart goes out to them all, they will never be the same.
But.....we can never let the wicked take away our feeling of safety.
We will never let them win, runners will continue to run.

The Boston marathon will continue, and I can bet it will be even bigger next year.
We have our Faith, they can not take that way from us.
We will continue to build our Faith in humanity, love, and help our
fellow neighbors. As we saw when this tragedy happened, everyone came together as one, helping one another, doing whatever it is they could to lend a hand.
Runners......they are an elite group, there is no stopping a runner.
We will run for Boston, we will not forget!

If you are a runner, a walker, a jogger, go out in support of the Boston Marathon and run for them.

Victims, families and runners, you are all in my prayers.


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