Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mom and Son Road Trip

Road trip with my youngest son/

Knowing my son will soon be too busy to take spur of the moment trips, I asked him to join me on a 6 day road trip to South Dakota.
At first he thought.....that's kind of weird , just me and you?
See we always travel as a family, the 3 boys and my husband. So it took him a bit to get used to the idea.

We packed up the car and headed to Mitchell S.D, our first overnight stay. And if you have ever been there you know there
is nothing much to do after you have seen the Corn Palace.

Which is a bit interesting, they change the design every year by using corn kernels. Pretty amazing actually.

We then continued on to Rapid city, but on our way we stopped at a car show with a huge variety of old cars, motorcycles, tractors, bikes and more.
Once we got to Rapid, first thing we did was go to Mount Rushmore. This is my third time being there, but it still amazes me the work that when into this massive architecture.

After Mount Rushmore we went into the city to eat, went down an Alpine slide, which was so much fun.
We also  went to Bear Country, and that included black bear, grizzly's, deer, lynx, and a few other types of animals.
That pretty much ended our day.
On the rest of our trip we went horseback riding, ziplining ,we saw the sculpture of Crazy Horse, still being worked on today.
Heading back home we stayed in Wall S.D, you know you can't visit S.D without visiting Wall Drug. It truly is an amazing street, lots of little shops, eateries, and of course the Main Drug store that made it famous.
Right outside of Wall we went to visit 3 missile sites, very interesting and informative.
We headed back home, feeling pretty exhausted, especially being the straight drive home was 9 hours.
And we couldn't pass up a stop at the Minnesota's Largest candy store.
It was an Amazing trip, and I am so glad we did it. These are memories I will cherish forever, and am sure he will also.
It is good to be home, the trip went so fast.
The first thing my son said when we got home was......Mom thank you for this trip. That meant the world to me, and I thanked him for being there with me.

If you have the chance to take a trip with your child do it, they grow up so fast. Peter is 15, he starts drivers Ed this month, he will have a job and more responsibilities soon. And before I know it he's off to college.
We will always have these memories.

Tell me if you have a travel family story, I would love to hear about it.

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