Wednesday, January 16, 2013

P.V. Body review

P.V. Body Review

Last month I was asked to review the products of P.V. Body.
I checked out their website to see what they had to offer, and they have the best and cutest designer clothes.

I started out by filling out a questionnaire about my size, what colors I like to wear, and what my workouts are.
 Soon after that my package arrived in a pretty pink envelope, I was excited to see an outfit that was definitely my style.
 I received a pair of slim black long leggings made by Performance Sportswear, which fit me perfectly. And a long sleeved top  made by Colosseum,with thumb holes, which also fit just fine.
 Here I am doing my best to model, I am not a model nor do I pretend to be so bare with me.
 The leggings do look a bit shiny do to my overhead lighting, and I am trying my best to do a Yoga pose.
Yes, here I am showing you the complete outfit and it is so comfy I could live in it.

When you sign up you will receive 2 pieces, picked specifically for you once a month. And the great thing can cancel at anytime. The 2 pieces you receive can range from $100 to 140.00,
but you only pay $49.95, even less when you add in my 20% discount.
I cannot wait for my next months box, I am a happy customer.

So weather you are a runner, jogger, Yogi or gym junkie, you will love these products.
I would definitely recommend getting a subscription, I will be keeping mine.

You are just a click away from a pretty pink package arriving in your mailbox, how exciting it is to find Designer workout clothes at discount prices.

I would love to hear what you think about the product, or if you already are a member let me know what you think.

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