Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rest and Repair

Have a rest day!!

Why is it so hard to take a break from running, working out, or going to the gym??
I make sure to plan a rest day once a week, I know my body needs it to heel and recover....but still I feel guilty.
I don't even enjoy that free day, well unless I have something fun planned.
We need to understand the importance of taking a day off, its not because were lazy.....far from it.  Its because were addicted.
Our bodies are not machines, we need to give it that one day or two to repair. So lets not be so hard on ourselves, take that day and enjoy.
Yesterday was my free day, so back in the gym today and get in a good run.
I feel wonderful today, and loved my day of rest!!

p.s. Just don't take to many rest days in a row, that could become addicting also.

So tell me, do you rest up a day or 2 out of the week??


  1. Oh yes I definitely take rest days! I think rest days are just as important as the actual training!

  2. Rest is definitely key to keep moving forward! SPA <3