Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating,

Christmas decorating around my house takes about 2 weeks to finish everything, house and front/back yard.

My husband does all the outdoor decorating, while I and which ever son may be around will do the inside.
Yesterday I had my oldest son and my youngest around to help decorate the tree, and around the house work.

While putting on the ornaments, which I keep all their handmade from years ago in a special box, just made me realize how grown up they are. I get a bit emotional when
I think about not having them here with me ( forever )
Christmas is always a wonderful time, having them all here.

While decorating yesterday, we reminisced about days gone by, like when my youngest tried to put an ornament on too high for him to reach, and down came the tree right on top of him. I remember coming into the room where the 3 boys were and saying....where's Peter, and they say under the tree. Not too funny at the time, but a funny memory now. :)
I cherish each and every memory I have, and hope for many many more to come.

The tree was decorated a little different then I would have done yesterday, many ornaments too close together, crowding of others, but I didn't change a thing. It means more that they helped and had a great time, than it does about looking perfect.
Oh' how I love this time of year!!
I am Blessed.

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