Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Running Indoors

Running on the treadmill/

Alright, I know some of you runners hate the dreaded mill, it would be your last resort to getting in your run.
I have so much trouble during this time of year taking my run outdoors, I live in Wisconsin so from Oct. till April it will either be cold, brrr,  or Icy sidewalks and roads. I know there are some dedicated runners out there ( my son being one of them ) that will brave what ever is out there to get it done outdoors. Don't get me wrong, I Love to run outside, the fresh air, the beauty of Mother nature, letting thoughts just flow through my head. But I worry about falling, and all the folks out there who do not shovel their walks. it can get quite treacherous.
With my beloved treadmill, its warm, I don't have to dress in layers, I can watch a great movie, I can put it at an incline so I can get my hills in.
I know I run faster outside, but it does take awhile for my bones/body to warm up. 
To have this option in my own home is a godsend.
I have no excuses, if its raining, sleeting, snowing..... I will still run.
The treadmill will always be there for me, like a trusted friend.


1 Its a great way to get in a tempo run on a cold icy morning.
2 Get your legs used to running hills.
3 Don't have to worry about getting your run in before you lose daylight.
4 Less layers of close to wear. ( Less laundry )
5 You feel less guilty watching shows no one else wants to watch. The Real Housewives, I know.....but I still watch it.


  1. I agree! I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill....and for very different weather reasons (I am in Texas) and sometimes it is just too hot outside. But mostly I like to use it at 4:30am before work and at the hour it is just SAFER to run in my house than outside.

  2. I too feel that way, when it starts to get dark I feel much safer staying indoors with my trusty treadmill. :)