Thursday, December 6, 2012

Addicted to exercise

Who doesn't love a great sweaty workout!

Today I got to thinking, wow am I really addicted to exercise?
I'm not happy if I miss a day, it became part of my life, it is my Lifestyle. And I absolutely love it.
And its not just me, to see the changes that happen to your body through strength training, running, boxing and some Yoga when I can fit it in....which I know I need to do more, my body needs the flexability. Its almost a feeling of euphoria, the high you get from endorphins feel so good in the healthiest way.
Working out makes you want to make better food choices, look at life in a whole new way. You want to get out and live, live life to the fullest.
Your body becomes so much stronger, you run farther, longer, more pushups, more sit ups, you use heavier weights.
I want to enter more races this year, I am ready to push myself further.
You are in control of shaping a new you, you have to start somewhere.....just start.
Everyone has their own finish line, your journey is not a competition. Make your journey a new and healthy lifestyle, a way you choose to live your life, and stick with it.
I am loving life to the fullest, and I only want to get better!!