Saturday, February 2, 2013

MostFit Suspension Strap Review

Reviewing the MostFit suspension strap/

I was recently sent the MostFit suspension strap to try out and review, it is a product I haven't tried before.

Greatest part about this piece of workout gear is, you can take and do it anywhere.
In the park, at a hotel, anywhere with a door.
It took a little time to learn how to do a few of the moves, but once I got into it I could really feel the muscles working.
A few moves take some getting used to, but once learning the right technique its simple as pie.
It works your upper body, and lower body, and the floor move really works your abdominals.
 I thought I was in pretty good shape till trying that one, I could feel it working my abs big time.
And not just the abs, as you pull your knees in towards your chest your upper body needs to be strong enough to hold your weight.
I love the MostFit suspension strap, it can go with me anywhere. Fits in my carryon, gym bag, or just throw it in my car to have ready anytime.

Health & Lifestyle

The benefits of resistance training are proven and powerful. Use your own body weight and eliminate time consuming workout routines with MostFit™.

MostFit offers health benefits you never would expect! As you get stronger your body will not fatigue as easily, and your muscles will protect your joints from injury to build better balance. Regular resistance training can help improve attention and reduce the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

  • Control your weight and develop a healthier body.
  • Hundreds of workouts so you never get bored!
  • Reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions.
  • Decrease stress, fatigue and blood pressure.
  • Compact and easy to store, use anywhere.

Order today to start working towards a healthier lifestyle

Let me know what you think of this piece of equipment, are you interested in the MostFit?

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