Friday, February 22, 2013

Running a 8K with my boys

Running a Irish 8K with my boys.

I am so excited to say I am running a race with a couple of my sons, it is the Irish Run in St. Paul, MN.
It is a time where my husband is taking our youngest son to Washington D.C. to visit all the Smithsonian's, and I wanted to
find something to do as a mom and sons day.

One of my boys is a runner, and one doesn't particularly like to run at all. So you can imagine how happy it made me when he said......Yeah, I'll do it. Happy face here.

We will all come in at different times, but meet at the finish line together.
Its moments like these that I just beam as a Mother, I have boys that don't mind hanging out with this old lady and joining in on
her fun runs.
If anyone in the Twin Cities area would like to join in on the fun, just come along, I would love to meet area runners or just anyone out to have outdoor fun.
I can't wait till March 24th, I will definitely have pics to share.
Tell me what you do to get your family together, and have fun.
I would love to know if you run as a family, or everyone just meets you at the finish line.

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