Friday, March 28, 2014

MilestonePod Review


I received the Milestonepod to review, and it is something I have never seen before.
Most of us many miles do I have on my running shoe,or shoes. Wonder no more, this little light weight devise takes
the guessing out.

They do come in different colors, but the people at MilestonePod were awesome enough to send me the pink one.
You download the Free mobile app, which wirelessly will sync to your phone or Ipad. 
Simply lace the pod through your shoe and begin your work out. The pod collects data as soon as it senses movement. No buttons, no waiting, no hassle. Track your mileage for every run or walk – your pod goes with you everywhere. There is no need to disconnect from shoe.

The pod constantly displays current total mileage from your shoes. Never replace a shoe too soon and avoid falling prey to injuries from broken down shoes (e.g. stress fractures, tendonitis, plantar fascitis, runner’s knee, shin splints, and others.
Wirelessly sync your pod with Bluetooth technology to view detailed work out data. The MilestonePod stores up to two weeks of data covering overall mileage, individual run mileage, pace, and cadence.
And if you run in more than one pair of shoes, which you should,
the price of the MilestonePod is reasonable enough to have one for each pair.

Here is the link to give you more information, and where to buy your own MilestonePod.

If you already have the Pod let me know what you think, if not is this something you would be interested in?

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