Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Influenster review

Influenster product review.

I was lucky enough to be asked by Influenster to review these products, they were sent to me free of charge in exchange for review.
When the box arrived..... I was excited, all these products I would certainly use.

Starting off with the NEXT STEP shake: From the Vitamin Shoppe, provides 14g of protein, 5g  of fiber, and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals.
Also helps in reducing body fat, and increasing lean body mass.
The flavor was better than most shakes I have tried, and it was very filling. Absolutley buying this product to keep on hand.

The Blueberry flavored almonds, were delicious.....and I love alomonds, they also come in strawberry and raspberry flavor.
The Profoot Pedi-Rock.
I love that you can use it wet or dry, and as a runner I am always using a pumice stone on my feet. This is by far a winner!
Also by PROFOOT is the Triad Orthodic.
I never knew using something like this in my running shoes could help with pain I get in calves from running.
And for us ladies, we have the Playtex Sports fresh balance.
We all know how it can get uncomfortable during that time of the month, and exercising can make it even more so.
The Playtex sport is what we needed all along, they are now a staple in my bathroom cabinet.
Also in the package was a coupon for Muller greek corner yogurt.
I am not much of a yogurt eater, but this yogurt was very good. If I do buy yogurt I would say this would be the one.

And to end it all we have Aqua Spa relax collection.
Who doesnt love to be pampered at the end of a long exhausting 
day. This is true Bliss.... leaving your skin glowing, and the aroma is amazing, like a spa in your own home.

Ahhh...... Life Is Good!

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