Monday, August 29, 2016

Inside Tracker health analytics service

Can a Blood Test make a difference in your health?

I was contacted by Inside Tracker to try their services in

 return of a review. 

What grabbed my attention was the fact that they were 

looking to improve your health from where you are at now,

looking at your blood tests that your doctor would not

normally have you take.

After checking with my Dr. , she had told me that within 3 to

 4 years this is what doctors will be doing. Prescribing blood

 test to look closer in how we can improve our health before

 it becomes serious.

Well.....Inside Tracker is ahead of the game.

It started with the Blood Test.

My tests consisted of 25, I gave 5 tubes of blood ( not so bad)

and waited for my results. ( 1 week )

I was very excited to get these results back.

Here is an example of the result format.

I had 16 optimized results, 9 needed improvement, and 1 that

needed to be brought to my Dr.s attention.

So now that I have my results, I am given a variety of foods

that will improve my sleep, my fitness level and boost my


Now..... has it been working?

I am an avid runner, and have been looking to improve my

time, endurance and speed work.
I needed more energy during the day, I needed to sleep

better at night.

The nutrition information they provided just for me have truly

 helped, and very easy to follow.

My last 5k race I improved by 3 minutes, I improved my 1/2

marathon by 4 minutes,  I know there are many factors that

work into this, better training, nutrition, and rest.

I look forward to continuing on this path, and having this

knowledge of my health is amazing.

If you are looking to improve your health and wellness, here is

the link to get you started.

 Have any questions for me please ask, I will keep you up to

 date on my journey to better fitness, health and nutrition.


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