Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fifty and Fit.

50 and Fit!

Who knew turning 50 would feel so great? Not me.
Not too long ago I didn't even want to think about it, 50 was "old".
How many of you still think like that, I am loving my age.....and I do believe, its because I turned it around by loving my life.
And it all began with me taking control of my health, and getting fit.
To me healthy and fit go hand and hand, you can't have one without the other, so therefor there are changes you have to make.

First: I became a runner, well maybe I started out as a fast walker, turned into a jogger, and I now call myself a runner.

Never in all my years would I ever think I would be running, let alone running 1/2 Marathons. I am also ready to run a marathon relay with my son which I am really excited about. And someday, I will run a full marathon. (bucket list)
Second: Nutrition, teaching myself to eat clean, healthy, organic foods made a huge difference in how I feel and look. I feel better now than I did when I was 30. ( Truth)  No fast food, no processed food, no soda and cut way back on sugar.
To really see a change in what you do, it has to become a lifestyle. Don't wait till you get to a certain weight, or feel good about yourself and think.....I'm done, and go back to your old habits. Not good.

Third: Make sure to pick something you will have fun with, and you will be sure to stick with. You may find yourself in a rut, as I did, so I added fun runs, Dirty Girl Mud run, color run, also kickboxing, zumba classes, anything to keep you from feeling bored with your workout.
I also share this new found passion of running with one of my sons, he truly inspired me to become a better runner. 
When you find a passion your more likely to stick with it, and it will show from the inside out. You become a better, happier person. Life means so much more, you actually look forward to your workout, your healthy food, and the feeling of more energy. 

I am loving 50, and I hope those of you that are far from 50, getting close, or already there. Embrace life, not the number, its time to be in charge of our health, our bodies, and live life to the fullest.

Looking forward to another 50 years!

Life is good.

Share with us how you are embracing your age.

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