Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Running Shoes

Comfy Feet ~~~

Do you have running shoes that are your absolute favorite?
Nice and comfy, light on your feet, your number 1 go to.

If your like me and most runners you have many pairs of running shoes to choose from, if not you should have at least two.
I have Asics, Nikes, New Balance and Saucony's

Out of all that I have the Saucony's are my love, as of right now.
And I do have 4 pair, of course all in pink. In case you were to ask.
I have 2 pair for running on the treadmill  indoors, and 2 pair for outdoors.
The pairs you see here are my newest indoor collection, the running shoe on the bottom is so light you forget you have them on.
Of course I change them up once in a while, something you should do. There will always be another shoe that gets improved upon,
a new style, different materials, helping to make us better runners everyday.
Get out there and get yourself some comfy running shoes, and make sure they feel right for you.
Running is good for your health, for your soul, and great stress releaser. All you need is the great outdoors.
Tell me what your favorite running shoe is.

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  1. I love my Mizuno Wave Elixirs! I wish they came in my favorite color (purple). Have a great weekend!